Book of Abstracts XXXII Conference Expert Group Meeting on Organometallic Chemistry

The first meeting dedicated to the organometallic chemistry in Spain took place during the eighties, when 40 scientists from our country shared their experiences around this genuine discipline.

The first GEQO meeting was held in Alcalá de Henares on June 12, 1981. It was decided to continue with this adventure, and only one year later they met again at the Bienal of Chemistry in Santander, in September 1982.

Then, in 1983 it was Tarragona’s turn to takeover, and convert this Meeting into an exciting experience. Three decades later, and casually during the meeting of the Spanish organometallic group in the Bienal of Santander 2013, we announced that the next GEQO-meeting will take place in Tarragona, between September 17-19, 2014.

Despite the changes in the host city and its people, one thing still remains the same: the enthusiasm with which this event is being organized and its projection to everyone who sees in organometallic chemistry… a way of thinking in chemistry.

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